2019 Competition Winners

Jennie Wood


Mixed Triples winners Jane Bickford, Simon "silly hat" Scales and Colin Morton in group hug with finalists Sandy Bell, Iain Miller and Lorna Paver after an entertaining and well-fought contest


Men's Championship

  • John Beasley

Men's Handicap

  • Andrew Bickford

Men's 100 Up

  • Andrew Taylor

Ladies' Championship

  • Sue Clark

Ladies' Handicap

  • Sue Clark

Ladies' 100 Up

  • Lyn Kipps


Married Pairs

  • Jennie and Mike Wood

Mixed Drawn Triples

  • Jane Bickford, Colin Morton and Simon Scales

Mixed Over 65s

  • Andrew Taylor

Mixed Drawn Pairs

  • Cliff Langley and Dave Scotting

Mixed Two Woods

  • Andrew Taylor

Mixed Sevens

  • David Boobier


Cups and Plates

Championship Trophies