2018 Competition Winners

Singles Champions


Jennie Wood

Jennie Wood

Andrew Taylor

Andrew Taylor

Prizes presented by Ivan Atkinson, Club Captain


Men's Handicap

  • Andrew Taylor

Men's 100 Up

  • Andrew Taylor

Ladies' Handicap

  • Pat Wolstenholme

Ladies' 100 Up

  • Sue Clark

Ladies' Two Woods Yardstick

  • Lyn Kipps


Married Pairs

  • Sue and Tony Clark

Mixed Drawn Triples

  • Alison Allcorn, Terry Flaherty, Colin Morton

Mixed Over 65s

  • Andrew Taylor

Mixed Drawn Pairs

  • John Eyles and John Wolstenholme

Mixed Two Woods

  • Ray Fuller

Mixed Sevens

  • Andrew Taylor


Cups and Plates

Championship Trophies